August 2012

London Overview and Q&As

A guide for Forbes Travel Guide, May 2012 - May 2013
"The story of London is a tale of two cities. One narrative is an urban landscape littered with long-established landmarks, time-honored art and culture and a stubborn hint of Britishness..."


An article for Private Air Magazine, November 2012
“In October, the Ukrainian government passed a law that allows non-citizens to become land owners when buying real estate. But is Ukrainian property a good investment for foreigners…”

Magical Morocco (Women Only Worldwide)

A tour itinerary for Indus Travel, August 2012
"Inhale the exotic spices at the souks, explore the captivating landscape of the desert, gaze in amazement at the snake charmers of Marrakech, and dine at Rick’s Café in Casablanca..."


An article for Vertu Select, August 2012
“It once took eight hours to travel the 650 kilometers from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Then, in 2009, Vladimir Putin halved the time with the launch of the luxury high-speed train Sapsan…”

Glasgow Overview and Q&As

A guide for Forbes Travel Guide, August 2012
"Scotland's second city Glasgow is often considered Edinburgh’s little brother. That simply means it stays out later, has far hipper taste in music and still has its best years ahead of it..."

London’s 10 Best Secret Sights

An article for Forbes Travel Guide, August 2012
“London attractions like the Tower of London and Big Ben welcome millions of tourists each year. But there are other, lesser-seen, secret attractions concealed amid the urban bustle..."