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Eastern Europe’s Gastronomic Renaissance

An article for Vertu Select, April 2013
"Eastern Europe may have established a reputation for hearty, rather than haute, cuisine, but now things are changing. There's a culinary revolution afoot in this corner of the continent..."

China: World Leaders in Business Travel

An article for Vertu Select, April 2013
"The United States has been sitting pretty atop the business travel market leader board for a long time, but a new contender may be about to take its place. No prizes for guessing who..."

Jordan’s Luxury Oases in the Desert

An article for Vertu Select, January 2013
"It was 200 years ago that explorer Johann Burckhardt found Petra. While trekking across the desert between Syria and Egypt, he heard tales of an ancient city carved out of sandstone..."

Prague: Eastern Europe’s Cultural Hub

An article for Vertu Select, January 2013
“It's 29 October 1787, and we're in the Czech capital. Rapturous applause echoes around as an Austrian gentleman skips onto the stage, takes a bow, and then says four famous words…”

Prague Airport Renamed After Václav Havel

An article for Vertu Select, December 2012
"Ever since the much-loved former Czech dissident, poet and politician Václav Havel died in December last year, the country has been looking for a suitable way to commemorate him..."

The Best City Cruises in Eastern Europe

An article for Vertu Select, November 2012
"Medieval hilltop castles, gold-domed churches and ancient trading ports: Eastern Europe's cities have a wealth of treasures to discover. And there's no better way than with a cruise..."


An article for Vertu Select, August 2012
“It once took eight hours to travel the 650 kilometers from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Then, in 2009, Vladimir Putin halved the time with the launch of the luxury high-speed train Sapsan…”


An article for Vertu Select, May 2012
“The 20th century was a difficult period for Ukrainian art. After a promisingly avant-garde to the 1900s, everything came to a sharp halt in 1922 with the foundation of the Soviet Union..."